Billing and Refunds

Billing and Refunds

Our billing and refund policy is simple: We won't charge you for services you didn't order, and you won't pay our booking fee until you're satisfied. Naturally, and as is reasonable for any personalized service, we don't refund the cost of services that you have ordered and we have provided.

Award search services are always completely non-refundable. Please do not order and pay for an award search unless you are certain that you want to pay for this service! When you order an award search on our Web site, you understand and agree that we will begin to perform the award search service immediately, and that this fee is not refundable under any circumstances. The reason why we take such a hard line is simple: award searches are a massive amount of work! We still do the work even if we can’t always find an award flight that you like.

Before we provide additional services (such as award booking), we will ask for your written or verbal approval of our fees in advance. When you order Award Booking Services from us, we will send you a separate invoice after the services are performed based on the fee schedule outlined on our Pricing page or a custom quotation as applicable. You understand and agree that our invoice is separate from the airline's invoice for any taxes and fees that are associated with your award ticket, and which you have paid directly to the airline. You further understand that your transaction with the airline is a separate transaction, and you agree not to issue a chargeback against us in relation to any billing dispute or other issue that may arise with the airline.

We do want you to be happy with our services and we stand ready to help you resolve any issues that may arise. Although responsibility for your journey primarily lies with the airline that issued your ticket, in the extremely unlikely event of any issues with your award flights, we are happy to assist you. Accordingly, please do give us the opportunity to resolve your situation prior to filing any disputes with your bank. We are here to help!

AwardCat provides a travel consulting, referral and flight Award Booking Service only, and does not issue or sell flight tickets, hotels, rental cars or other travel related services directly. While we may refer you to these service providers, they are ultimately responsible for delivering the services you ordered. If you purchase services from these providers, AwardCat does not collect payment for the service. In the unlikely event of any issues, please contact the service provider directly for billing assistance.


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Billing and Refunds
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